Gift & Bakery Cans

I absolutely LOVE these cans! Quart size cans are perfect for adding small gifts - maybe something difficult to wrap, as well as excellent containers for homemade candy, cookies, or other baked goods.
Not big enough? Check out the gallon size can designs. Gallon size cans have handles decorated with coordinating beads and finished with matching ribbon.
Need some filling ideas? Some ideas to get you stared are listed below the designs.
Quart size cans are $8.00
Quart size cans with hats are $10.00
Gallon size Gift Cans are $20.00 (decorated can, embellished handle, can opener, ready to fill)Gallon size labels only are $7.00

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*This design is Quart size only*
Santa, Mrs. Claus and snowman designs are topped with a plush fabric hat.
Order Snowblue-hat, Snowmulti-hat, Santa-hat, MC-hat
 Country Charm Santa, gallon size can only
Front and back design are the same

 Chocolate Emergency Cans
Available in quart or gallon size

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Holiday Cookie Exchange Can
Pack your goodies in these!

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Home For Christmas Can
Matching candy bar wrapper available


 Hope, Peace and Love Can
Choice of lid design

~ Filling Ideas ~
•  Coffee or Tea Theme - Do you know a coffee or tea lover? Use a coffee or tea theme! Fill your can with a coffee or travel mug, some packets of gourmet coffee or flavored tea bags, gift card from a favorite coffee house, chocolate or other biscotti, shortbread cookies, a box or tin of special tea, packets of organic or flavored sugar.
•  Baking Fairy - Use the quart size can as a container for homemade goodies, or "mix-in-a-jar" style ingredients.
•  Dinner Kit - Include (dry) casserole ingredients, some pretty cloth napkins, napkin rings, and the recipe to complete the meal.
•  Chocolate Lover's Gift Can - Fill with Chocolate truffles, Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ganache torte in a pretty tin, chocolate sauce in a jar, chocolate candies, hot chocolate mix, and anything else chocolate!
•  Special Hot Chocolate Gift Can - Include a bar of good-quality Mexican or Spanish chocolate, jar of organic ground cinnamon, little bottle of organic vanilla extract, a molinillo (the wooden tool you use to mix and foam the chocolate), recipe.
•  Tuscan Sun Gift Can - Include a package of pasta, jar of pasta sauce, wedge of parmesan cheese, small cheese grater, bottle of fine olive oil or special infused oil (garlic and rosemary or basil are perfect), packet of expresso, assorted biscotti, print-outs of favorite Italian recipes.
•  Rule Britannia Gift Can - Include wholegrain bread or crackers, assorted English cheeses, jar of pickled gherkins, bottle of imported British ale, tin of fine tea, tea-ball, pretty cup and saucer, plum pudding in a tin, hard sauce.
•  Happy Hour Gift Can - Small bottle of tequila, margarita mix, tin of margarita salt, limes, shot glasses.
•  Bean Soup Medley - Buy an assortment of different dried beans, mix them together, package them in a plastic bag and tie with a ribbon. Include dried mixed soup herbs and your favorite bean soup recipe.
•  Ice Cream Sundae Gift Can - Include or ice cream bowls, spoons, an ice cream scoop, sprinkles, ice cream sauces (home-made or store bought) and napkins (paper or cloth).
•  Breakfast Gift Can - Add a container of maple syrup, a bag of pancake or biscuit mix, some cute shapes for cooking eggs and pancakes, gourmet tea or coffee, jam, jelly, or preserves, and small jar of honey.
•  New Baby? Make a time capsule! Add items to commemorate the day/year the child was born. Or use the can to keep baby's first lock of hair, special photos, favorite toy, a piece of the baby's favorite blankie or special letters for the child to read as they get older.
•  Baby Shower Gift Can - Fill with any little baby stuff such as baby powder, soap, lotions, pacifier, baby wipes, baby brush, bottles, bottle liners, little stuffed animal, teething rings, baby shampoo, baby oil. Tuck in a gift certificate for mom, too!
•  Teacher Appreciation Gift Can - Include items from a teacher store such as bulletin board borders, cute notepads and stickers, bottles of glue, glue sticks, erasers, pencils, a cute mug, single serving size packets of soup, coffee, tea or hot chocolate that can be kept in the desk, and an apple.

•  Gardeners Gift Can - Use a gardening theme and fill the can with flower or vegetable seeds, garden gloves, and gardening tools, pocket garden book or a gift subscription to a gardening magazine.

•  Movie Buff Gift Can - Decorate with a movie theme and fill with candy, microwave popcorn packets, paperback movie-goers guide, movie passes or video rental cards!
•  Dinner and a Movie Date Gift Can - Include a box of pasta, jar of sauce, a jar of shaker cheese, a pasta spoon or wooden spoon with a ribbon tied on the handle, a pair of candles for romantic lighting, two cupcakes or a bag of gourmet cookies, and a gift certificate from the local movie rental store. This makes the perfect gift for new parents, who may not be getting out as nuch as they used too!
•  Furry Friends Gift Can - Do you know someone with a new puppy or kitten? Decorate the can with a pet theme, and include homemade dog bones and organic catnip, and some assorted pet-safe toys. Later the can can be used as a storage container for treats.
•  Emergency Chocolate Gift Can - Include a variety of chocolate candy, truffles, cookies, or freshly baked goods made of - what else -- chocolate!
•  Take Me Away Stress-Reduction Kit - Include a tube of shower gel and a wooden roller-massager, a pretty ceramic mug and a box of gourmet tea, OR a wine glass and mini bottle of wine, a votive holder and a scented votive candle, a back scrubber brush, cologne or perfume, nail polish, etc.
•  Pamper Yourself Gift Can - Fill this can with a large scented candle, bubble bath, pretty bath soaps, body spray, small box of chocolates, some decaf tea bags or coffee, vitamin E cream or cocoa butter, a loofah or pretty bath sponge, and a CD of the recipients favorite music.
•  Great for guys, campers, or anyone - Beef Jerky, Beef stix, cheese, pepper rings or spread, crackers, cookies, candy bars, hard candy, canned pop or drink mix, gum. •  Kids On The Go Travel Can - To help keep kids occupied and quiet on the road, fill this can with crayons or colored pencils, note pads, playing or flash cards, small journal, travel games, granola bars, fruit roll up or other snacks, their "own change" for treats at those gas station mini marts, disposable camera, or small books.
•  Princess or Little Diva Gift Can - Include a small purse or change purse, nail polish, hair scrunchies, perfume, glitter, makeup, nail file, mirror, earrings, stickers, notepaper, fancy pens or pencils, journals, books, hard candy, and a tiara.
•  Graduation or Going Off to College Gift Can - Fills with rolls of quarters for the Laundromat, small laundry soap, laundry bag, spot remover, dryer sheets, directions how to do basic laundry, assorted fast food gift certificates, small picture frame, calendar with family birthdays and special occasions listed, small phone book with important numbers, prepaid calling card, or cell phone.
•  Starter Tool Box Gift Can - Include a tape measure, hammer, screwdriver, pliers, assorted nails and screws, small bottle of Elmer's Glue.
•  For a child moving to their first place - Use a Holiday themed can and fill with family Christmas ornaments to help decorate their first Christmas tree away from home.
•  For newlyweds and people moving into their first place - A partial roll of toilet paper (for the first time you run out and need a few sheets), a baggie with a partial bar of soap in it (for the first time you forget to buy soap and just need enough to get a bath), a few Q-tips (for when you run out the first time), a can of soup or other easy to make item (for the first time you burn supper), and a list of the local restaurants and phone numbers (in case you burn the can of soup).
•  Senior Themed Gift cans filled with everyday necessity type items and foods are great ideas for older people that don't really need any more knick-knacks. And, for someone older or who doesn't get out much, these are things they won't have to go out to get. Include coffee, dried fruits, favorite fruit juice in a can, mints, candy, soap, socks, razor, shaving cream, laundry soap, mini loaves of home baked bread or muffins, gourmet things they like but don't often buy for themselves, like specialty coffees or teas, soup mixes, noodle mixes, or pasta.