Letter From Santa

Personalized Letter from Santa
You'll be as excited as your child when you see the look on their face when they receive a letter written just for them by Santa himself! Heartwarming for sure, and will bring a tear to your eye. I have had so many people over the years tell me how their child took their letter to school, proudly shared them with friends and family and how touching it was. This is something that will "make your child's life". Long after they are grown, and with children of their own, they will remember the personal letter they received from Santa.

Each Santa letter is printed on festive holiday paper, is personalized with the child's name and can include the names of friends, pets or brothers and sisters, child's accomplishments or special mention. I write them myself, and no two are exactly alike.

Included with the letter is a small bag of Magic Reindeer Food, Santa's favorite Sugar Cookie recipe (from the kitchen of Mrs. Claus!), Christmas coloring page or Word Search Puzzle, stickers, a  craft project straight from Santa's workshop, and more! Your letter will come in an oversize envelope, complete with "North Pole" postmark. This package is really stuffed full - you won't be disappointed! Our child's Santa Letter package is absolutely the biggest you will find anywhere online. Each year they are bigger and better, with new items added.

And, not to be left out - send an adult themed letter from Santa to friends, relatives or co-workers! You'll get a kick out of the reactions these letters will bring! These are only for those with a good sense of humor though, as they are a bit sarcastic and include mild adult references and language. Adult letters are personalized with the recipients name but sorry - no toys are included.

We also are so happy to offer letters for your four-legged pets, too! Cats, dogs, hamsters and more - Santa loves them all. Email me for more details.

All children's letters are $23.00,
(includes shipping and handling)
Santa themed Adult or Pet letters are $5.00,
(includes shipping and handling)


Read what some past customers have to say
about our personalized letters:

The kids received the letters today-well worth the wait. We have used another Santa letter Co. in previous years (they send the letters in red tubes-I forget the name at the moment) anyhow...they send them out a bit earlier but yours are soooo WONDERFUL-very very nicely personalized, great Reindeer food and ornament gift-we are extremely pleased-we'll be ordering from you from now on-and we'll remember the mailing date is the 15th!!!!

I honestly couldn't be more delighted with the letters-the kids really loved the parts about the gifts they want being packed in the sleigh next to their friends and the radio station hearing about David's sports accomplishments!!!!!!
Thank you very much-the kids are soo excited-really beautifully done!
Have a wonderful holiday-you really have ours off to a delightful start!

Margaret K.
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Hi Dee,

Kevin received his letter yesterday. He actually got the mail from the mailbox and saw the letter from the North Pole. He was so excited to receive the letter and all of the little gifts. He had to call Joey and let him know Santa mentioned him in his letter. You did an absolutely beautiful job and I can't thank you enough. I guess some kids were talking at baseball last week about how there isn't a Santa and he told my husband last night that he still believes because Santa sent him a letter. The reindeer food was a must have and is great. He and my husband sprinkle it by the chimney before we go to church on Christmas Eve and then we look for the reindeer "footprints" in the snow the next morning (and after this coming weekend we'll have plenty of snow)! I could go on and on! Thank you for letting me get one more year of Santa as I'm thinking this may be the last - but you never know. Have a wonderful holiday! Hopefully you'll hear from me next year. I'll probably have you send him one anyway.

Kara D.
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Dear Elf Dee,

The Santa packages were just magical!! Thank you so much for everything -- the thought, the creativity, and the... well.... magic. The extra fun items you included were quite a surprise to my children. Please be around next year so that we can look forward to another shipment of cheerful goodwill from Santa Claus and the elves.
Merrily yours, ~ Mrs. Hannah Hoh
p.s. Happiest and Warmest Holiday Wishes!!!
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Good morning Dee,

I just wanted to let you know that Julio received his letter from Santa and he was so happy. That letter was great and he couldn't stop talking about it last night. He even took it to school to show his teacher. My eyes were watering as I read it to him because his expression on his face was amazing and I knew he was very happy. So I just wanted to thank you again. I really appreciate and I love your work. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

J. Melendez
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I have to thank you! I have 2 very excited little kids… especially my daughter! That was the best thing that could have happened thank you so much…

D. Benson
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Hi Deean,

We received the letter last night. My daughter totally loved how Santa knew so much about her, her family and friends. Thank you so much.
Have a very Merry Christmas!

J. Stallwood