Specialty Wrappers

Special Candy Bar Wrappers are personalized for your child! Each personalized wrapper encloses a Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar. A brief description is below each wrapper.
* Click on each wrapper design for a larger view*

"While You Were Sleeping" Candy Bar
 On the front of this wrapper is an actual photo of your child,
asleep in their bed! See, Santa does check!
The secret to the macgic of this wrapper is to take a photo of your child asleep, and submit it with your order.
Be sure the child will be wearing the same pajamas as on Christmas Eve!
On the back of the bar is a note from Santa himself, calling your child by name.

"Love from Santa" Candy Bar

 The "Love From Santa" bar is Santa's way of saying
"Thank You" to your child for the cookies.
Place this candy bar on the empty cookie plate, and watch the look of amazement on your child's face!
There is a personalized message on the back.
Choose from the verbiage shown above, or the poem below:

Santa loves his cookies, as everybody knows,
but Mrs. Claus is worried that he'll soon outgrow his clothes.
So this year she told him, “"Let's try something new"
and she had Dear Ol' Santa leave cookies out for YOU!”

"Carrots for the Team" Candy Bar
  "Carrots for the Team" and "From Santa's Team"
These are candy bars that can be used to thank the child for the carrots left for the reindeer.
The message addressed to your child is from the reindeers, themselves!
Just leave out some carrots with the green tops on a plate
along with Santa's cookies.
After the "reindeer" have eaten the carrots,
leave the carrot greens on the plate,
along with this Thank You from the reindeer.